When is the Vendor Area on lock-down?


Vendors and Exhibitors will not be able to access their booth space from 9 pm on Friday (June 23rd) until 7 am Saturday (June 24th) 

When is the Vendor Area on lock-down?2023-02-05T14:45:14-08:00

Can I purchase extra Vendor badges?


Yes, extra badges are available for purchase leading up to the show.  Badge purchase is limited to working staff at the show.  If Vendor badges

Can I purchase extra Vendor badges?2023-02-05T14:42:18-08:00

Are Vendor Badges transferable?


No.  Badges are for individual use and are non-transferable.  If Vendors are found to be purchasing additional badges for friends and family, those badges may

Are Vendor Badges transferable?2023-02-05T14:26:17-08:00

Can I ship freight to the facility?


Absolutely.  Shipments will only be accepted Tuesday through Friday during the week of the show.  We will provide you with the shipping address and accept

Can I ship freight to the facility?2023-02-05T14:21:12-08:00


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