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Here are some frequently asked questions with answers.

Why can’t I purchase some Autographs online?2023-02-05T14:13:32-08:00

Most autographs and signatures are not available for pre-sale and will be available at the show to purchase from each of the Guests.  VIP Opportunities and Photo Ops are purchased in advance to give us an idea of how much time to schedule for each celebrity prior to their arrival.

Will CGC, CBCS, or COA be at Summer Con?2023-02-05T14:14:08-08:00

Comic Sketch Art will be on-hand handling all of your witnessing and submission for CGC.
CBCS will be sending a crew to the show to support their customers.
Genuine COA will have two locations verifying and authenticating any celebrity and guest autographs.

How many people are allowed in one photo op?2024-06-13T11:06:39-07:00
  • Each Photo Op includes one 8×10 printed photo and a complimentary digital photo.
  • Up to FOUR total fans can be included in a photo op.
When will Photo Ops and Autographs go on sale?2024-02-22T10:06:37-08:00

Some individual photo ops will go on sale on February 22nd at 8:00 p.m., but MOST photo ops and group photo ops will go on sale throughout March and after we complete announcing our lineup.

Most Autographs will be purchased directly from the guests at the show.

What are your safety protocols? Is there a vaccine or mask requirement?2023-02-05T14:11:58-08:00

Here is a link to our most current safety protocols:

We do not anticipate adding additional requirements than are currently imposed and required by the Governor and the local department of health. Currently, we are not required to check for vaccination status, masks are no longer required for indoor and outdoor spaces, and we expect that will continue through our show in June.  We support anyone that would like to wear a mask for their own personal safety or precaution.

What are the operating hours of the Washington State Summer Con?2024-02-22T10:04:15-08:00

noon pm – 8 pm on Friday, June 21st

10 am – 7 pm on Saturday, June 22nd

10 am – 5 pm on Sunday, June 23rd

VIP badge holders will have access 30 minutes prior to show hours.

I submitted a Vendor application and want to know the status?2024-02-22T10:09:14-08:00

A listing of all of the applications that we have received and their most current status can be found in the Vendor Info section.  Click Here

We will always email approvals.  Rejections and wait-list notifications can be found on the website with the most current status.

Alyson Tabbitha

Cosplay Guest Alyson Tabbitha at Summer Con 2022.


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