The Can’t Miss Event to Start Your Summer – June 23rd-25th

David Matranga


We couldn’t have a My Hero event without Shoto!  Please welcome David Matranga, another anime voice actor with a lengthy resume of credits to the

David Matranga2023-02-22T20:00:24-08:00

Monica Rial


Please welcome one of the most prolific anime voice actresses, Monica Rial, to the Washington State Summer Con on June 22nd through the 25th in

Monica Rial2023-02-22T17:53:05-08:00

Kristen McGuire


We found a third-year Ketsubutsu Academy High School student who wanted to join our 2023 lineup. Please welcome actress and director Kristen McGuire, who voices

Kristen McGuire2023-02-22T14:32:51-08:00

Clifford Chapin


We found a second hero that is Dynamight! Please welcome actor and director Clifford Chapin, who voices Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia, to the

Clifford Chapin2023-02-22T12:07:00-08:00

Justin Briner


Kicking off anime day today is none other than our hero Deku! Please welcome Justin Briner, who voices the main protagonist Izuku Midoriya from My

Justin Briner2023-02-22T10:30:29-08:00

Troy Baker


Please welcome the multi-talented superstar voice actor and musician Troy Baker to the Washington State Summer Con. Troy has hundred of credits voicing famous characters

Troy Baker2023-02-21T19:37:14-08:00

Greg Baldwin


To round out our mini Avatar: The Last Airbender reunion at the Washington State Summer Con, we have invited Greg Baldwin to join the lineup.

Greg Baldwin2023-02-09T15:55:30-08:00

Jessie Flower


We couldn't resist adding Jessie Flower to the Washington State Summer Con lineup to now make THREE castmates from Avatar: The Last Airbender coming to

Jessie Flower2023-02-09T12:01:30-08:00

Grey DeLisle


We are thrilled to add one of the most prolific voice actresses to the Washington State Summer Con lineup this year. Grey DeLisle is an

Grey DeLisle2023-02-09T11:05:06-08:00

Dante Basco


Anime fans, get ready. We are excited to welcome Dante Basco to the Washington State Summer Con lineup. Dante R. Basco is an American film,

Dante Basco2023-02-06T01:15:54-08:00
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