Featured Games – Tournament Play

Imagine over 30,000 sq ft gaming paradise filled with consoles, PCs, streamers, podcasters, active tournaments, retro arcades, indie gamers, and immersive gaming experiences.  Entry to the Summer Con Gaming is included with a Summer Con admission ticket for all spectators, players, and tournament participants.  Check out some of the featured games this year:

Washington Summer Con is hosting an official CATAN United States National Championship Qualifier Tournament. We will have 3 preliminary rounds and one final game.

The Qualifier Winner on will win a guaranteed seat at the 2024 CATAN United States National Championship Tournament in St. Paul, MN September 7-8. The 2024 CATAN United States National Champion will be sent to the 2025 CATAN World Championship, location and dates TBD.

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The One Piece is real!

The One Piece trading card game is one of the most popular games based upon the hit Anime. In addition to teaching the game we will be running a special starter deck tournaments.

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Want to play the first trading card game ever Magic the Gathering? We will have learn-to-play events, free Friday Night Magic, on demand drafts all weekend, and special events including several tournaments both free and paid.

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Disney Lorcana is an exciting card game that features your favorite characters from the Disney pantheon.

Our team will be teaching you how to play and running event all weekend long including:

Constructed 2K, free FNM Friday Night Mouse (free constructed event), and on demand sealed tournaments as supplies last.

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GAMING Admission Tickets do not allow for access to any areas of Summer Con except the Gaming Expo area.  Access is ONLY available through the GREEN GATE.  This admission ticket does NOT give you a badge to meet celebrities or enjoy panels.  This admission ticket is for a wristband ONLY to access the Gaming Area and enter through the GREEN GATE.

Star Wars Unlimited is one of the newest trading card games and our team is excited to show you why it will be one you don’t want to miss out on. In addition to teaching the game we will run events including a starter kit tournament for 2 players, a free Friday night constructed tournament and a 5K constructed tournament on Saturday.

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All?!

What do you do once you do catch them? Play of course. We will have a Pokemon open play area and a professor will be happy to teach you how to play all weekend long. In addition there will be a Pokemon Go Check In with events all weekend long.