Some might know him as Red Two, Rogue Three, or maybe just Wedge Antilles, but we know that Denis Lawson is finally headed to Summer Con this year from June 23rd through the 25th. His schedule is now free, and the travel restrictions have been lifted for Denis to fly from the UK via plane, snowspeeder, or X-Wing in June to Puyallup.

Denis Lawson is a Scottish actor and director. He has spent five decades acting on stage, on television, and in motion pictures. He is known for his roles as John Jarndyce in the BBC’s adaptation of Bleak House, as Dr. Tom Campbell-Gore on BBC’s long-running series Holby City, as Gordon Urquhart in the film Local Hero, as Retired DI Steve McAndrew in BBC One’s New Tricks, and as Wedge Antilles in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Lawson played X-wing pilot Wedge Antilles in all three films of the original Star Wars trilogy. In 2001, he reprised the role, in voiceover form, for Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader. Lawson returned to the role in 2019’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to fly once again in the final battle of Exegol.

Denis also has a nephew, Ewan, who has a few acting credits.